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It's been a rough week 
2nd-Mar-2006 01:27 pm

Haven't really been feeling great lately, but what else is new. Missed work Monday and haven't been to class in 1 week and a half. Zane and I got in a couple of arguments Tues. and Wed., mostly because of my pain and the fact that he want to go to freaking MEXICO without me. Tell me girls, I'm right to be angry about that right? Especially since he's been on 2 Wyoming trips with his "boys" and we've only been to visit my brother in Cali back in Dec. 2003. We're working on that though. I made it in to work after lunch yesterday, even though I was hurting very badly, and all I got was a bunch of shit from people. One of my favorite professors gave me a talking to saying that my department is just about ready to give up on me. I've really been trying to get into work every opportunity I can, but I guess that's not enough. Recently our department was in jeopardy of being dismantled (all the different programs would have been split up into different departments - luckily the faculty voted it down) and he said if it had happened I would have lost my job. He says my supervisor (who consistently makes me cry when she gets on to me for not being here) is afraid to talk to me and people are getting tired of picking up my slack. Which really means that they're just pissed off b/c we have to have someone here until 5:00 (which is usually me) so they don't get to leave at their regular time of 4:30. Anyways. Today started by me being late for work and then getting stuck behind a piece of construction equipment that's going 15 freaking miles an hour. But at least the day's gotten a little better as it's gone on. I've got a friend who's wanting to stay the night with me b/c her boyfriend is being a violent asshole, but I'm kinda apprehensive about it b/c every time she comes over to hang out, she passes out drunk on my couch. 

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

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