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I'm love myspace, but.... 
27th-Jul-2006 09:25 am
It sure is great to have my LJ, which most people don't read. 

I'm a little bummed that none of my "friends" have been talking to me much lately. I've been super busy moving, but it just seems like everyone's pissed at me. My friend Jess had some drama with her man Sunday night (big surprise) and after moving all day Sat. (which she bailed on helping me out after she said she would) and unpacking all day Sunday, Zane wasn't in the mood to drive me over to her place to concole her. (My car has been at my parents the past 2 weeks, getting fixed from the dumbass neighbor who hit it in the parking lot. A family friend fixed it for CHEAP, so I can keep half of the check from the insurance.) Now she's pissed, even though I've been there for her through many, many, MANY more of her guy troubles in the past 3 years I've known her. Plus, at least my issues have all been about the same guy.

And to make it all worse, my b-day is this Sunday, and noone's said a word about it. (Except me - you'd think people would start to get the hint.) I've been saying all month long that I want to get a group and go out on Sat. to celebrate, but I haven't heard a thing from anyone. Zane and I are going to get my car this Sunday, so it looks like the only b-day excitement I'm gonna have is with the parents in Muldrow, OK.


 = (
28th-Jul-2006 01:36 am (UTC) - I read your lj.
Sorry you're down.
28th-Jul-2006 09:34 pm (UTC) - Thanks Jean!
You're so sweet. I know you're always super busy, but if you ever just want to hang out, give me a shout sometime!
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