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I'm a dreamer.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Amanda Faye
30 July 1981
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I have a deep passion for reading and writing. I'm not an aspiring author, but I would love to see my name in print one day. I graduated from the U of A with my bachelor's in English in 2003. I love Northwest Arkansas though. I lived there for 5 years until moving back home to take care of my dad. He passed away April 13, 2007 from lung cancer.
I'm lucky enough to have traveled overseas three times already in my lifetime. The 1st two trips were with the Spirit of America National Honor Band - so I've traveled and performed in a bunch of European countries. I have travelled to London to do a Shakespeare Study Abroad Session. It was the best time in my life. It wouldn't bother me one bit to relocate to England. =D